Saturday, July 11, 2009

Weiser to Council, Idaho - 10 July 2009

Fifty-two miles down and an 11-hr day. Arrived in Council, Idaho about 6:30 p.m. and stayed with Sally & Darrel (will have to get the last name). They had a cabin; Sally is the mother of one of Skagit Habitat for Humanity Board Members. Temperature stayed in the 90's today. Lots of hiking and biking. Duff has blisters on both heels. While it's not needed, Duff can't use the GPS, as during the storms, the unit became wet, and when he turned it on, the unit just fried. Additionally, his watch is functional, but the band broke, so he's depending upon the cell phone for time and contact. Only real eventful episodes today was the animals. Saw a couple deer; a calf was frightened by his appearance or noise, and hid behind his mother; a horse once again trotted along the fence to keep up with him. Goal for tomorrow is getting to Riggins.

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  1. "Dad,
    Great job. I'm proud of you. From the blog it sounds like your seeing a lot of different country and meeting some great people.
    I assume the bike is holding up since you havn't mentioned anything about it.
    It's too bad your companion had to cut it short. I'm sure he had a good time though. We're rooting for you and think your doing a great job.
    Be safe in the rest of your travels and we'll keep on checking up.
    Love Lots,
    Rick, Lynn, Ian, Gina"