Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lewiston to Moscow - 15 Jul 09

Left Lewiston at 7 a.m. and arrived at base of long hill at 7:20. Walked until 11:30 when a long lost friend, Phil White, stopped his car ahead of me, and greeted me with cold beverage and fruit. His wife had been reading the Lewiston Tribune, and asked him if he didn't have a friend named Jim Duffield. They visited for about 1/2 hour before Duff restarted his "walk". At 1 p.m., he was met by Brent Bradberry, the Moscow affiliate Board of Director's President. They rode into Moscow, stopping at the U. of Idaho Student Union. Duff's comment "hardest 14 miles I've ridden." In addition to being with an experience biker who was accustomed to riding "hills", they went through a lot of construction. Duff was "bushed". He has now ridden 860 miles; today's walk/ride was 35 miles. At the U of I, Marnie from University Communication Office and a photographer joined them at 4 p.m. for an interview. After the interview, Brent directed Duff to his motel; unfortunately, the main road out of Moscow was also under construction, and all the alternative routes were steep hills. He made it though, cleaned up, and was picked up by a couple of Board members and driven out into the surrounding countryside for a BBQ. He had a great time visiting, and got back to the Hillcrest Motel about 11:30. He had a restless sleep, and got up to begin his ride (16 Jul). Goal for tomorrow - Plummer.


  1. It was a real privilege to ride with Jim. He is far too modest about his hill-climbing. Yesterday when I met him at Genesee, he had already climbed the Lewiston grade, pulling a trailer, while I was fresh for the ride to Moscow! And by the way, I appreciate Jim's use of "experienced" as a synonym for "old".
    Happy Trails!
    Brent Bradberry

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  3. I accidentally removed the statement by Mary Lou. She said:
    "I am so proud of you."