Sunday, July 5, 2009

Massacre Rock State Park to Burley -2 July 09

This is really for 2 Jul, not just a mis-entry. Duff rode about 49 miles on the interstate for the first time, and much of the time was good except for one bridge, where there wasn't a shoulder. He changed his routing from the interstate and took some back roads, heading for Burley. Linda (wife) met him a few miles out of town. Max was getting tired of the ride, and had been biting at the screen enclosing his wagon. When Linda caught up to Duff, Max became a car passenger. Within minutes, he was fast asleep. Duff & family stayed on the edge of town in the East Park Motel; the folks were very nice, and the room was clean & comfortable. Duff was exhausted and shortly after eating, took a shower and quickly fell asleep.

Duff's after comments: Linda did a good job reporting. The piece about the bridge with no shoulder was scary. I had to watch oncoming traffic and wave it to the left lane to have enough time to get across the short bridge. After taking a thirst break and a short nap on an RV lawn, I started down the on ramp to complete the I-84 portion to Rupert before turning toward Burley. As I got to the bottom of the ramp, I could see the bridge over the Snake River was more of the same "no shoulder", so I turned around and tried some back roads to Burley. Riding on the interstate in Idaho is legal, but not without some problems such as the bridges, and lots of debris from blown truck tires.

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