Sunday, July 5, 2009

Buhl to Glenn's Ferry - 5 Jul 09

Up early, Bill Root took Duff & gear back to the location where he previously ended his day. Duff started at 7:40 AM and arrived in Glenn's Ferry by 3 p.m., the "easiest 49 miles" he's ridden, and he had to admit, most of it was downhill. He had to walk "Bliss Hill", but Duff feels pretty good right now. He's camping out tonight, and will get up early to begin his next leg to Mountain Home.

Duff's after comments: I rode I-84 from Bliss to Glenn's Ferry, and in the eastern part, I was really rolling. It was downhill and with a tailwind, I even had to brake to keep from going too fast for me. Then, about five miles before I got to GF, it was up and down--and I hate the ups. I was hot, and found the first place I could to camp for the night. I got my tent up about 6 PM, and right after that, a fierce thunderstorm hit. I was safe from the rain in my tent, but there was lots of thunder and lightning CLOSE BY. Good thing the rain fly kept me from looking outside, or I really would have been scared. Then, 30 minutes later, the sun came back out and it got hot again. It had been so hot, I slept on top the sleeping bag until after midnight.

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