Sunday, July 5, 2009

Burley to Twin Falls/Filer - 3 Jul 09

Duff started off from Burley at 7 a.m. Max did not make the entire ride; he was restless, and whining. Duff rode most of the way into the Twin Falls ReStore, and just before 2 p.m. loaded Max up in his wagon, and rode into a group of awaiting volunteers, media, and Chamber of Commerce ambassadors. ED Linda Fleming and crew were very welcoming, and very busy getting ready with the float for the 4th of July parade. The volunteers served barbecue and other dishes, the T.V. media interviewed Duff & took pictures, primarily, of Max, the photo-ham. A few young folks played with Max, getting him to do what few tricks he knew (with the aid of food). A little after 4 p.m., Duff (without Max) took off to ride to Buhl, where he was to store his bike and Max's wagon. The ride wasn't bad, but it was hot, and a very large incoming storm was approaching, so Duff stopped for the day at the edge of a town named Filer. This evening Duff & family were the guests of Gordon and Trudy Saffrey, in a gorgeous setting just above the Shoshone Falls. The Saffreys were very hospitable, and enjoyable hosts. The T.V. spot on local news was very nice, but Duff was a bit disappointed that there wasn't anything said about the ReStore, which was one of the primary reasons for stopping to be with this Habitat affiliate. Thanks to all who invested so much effort and allowed Duff & Max to participate. And, thank to the local station for the nice story and photo-op of Max & Duff.

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