Thursday, July 9, 2009

Caldwell to north of Weiser, Idaho - 9 Jul 09

A new record - 56 miles. The first half of the ride was fairly flat and about a 10 mi/hr headwind. During the middle of the day, there were more undulating hills, and headwind picked up to about 20 mi/hr. After he past Fruitland, the wind died down for the last 20 miles, and the ride was good until he passed Weiser. As he headed for the campground about 2 miles north of Weiser, a strong squall hit, with the gusts coming sidewards toward him, and he ended up walking, so he and the bike didn't tip over. Most of the day was overcasted and lower temperatures, starting out at about 60 degrees. Later in the day, he had scattered clouds, and sun and the temperature rose to about 80 degrees. It took him about 8 1/2 hours to complete his ride today, but he's tired, NOT exhausted. His right calf is not bothering him, but he did feel a bit of a strain in the other calf. Probably great that he isn't so exhausted; has more stamina to continue. That is good. He signed off with me to set up his tent.

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  1. Dad,
    Great job. I'm proud of you. From the blog it sounds like your seeing a lot of different country and meeting some great people.
    I assume the bike is holding up since you havn't mentioned anything about it.
    It's too bad your companion had to cut it short. I'm sure he had a good time though. We're rooting for you and think your doing a great job.
    Be safe in the rest of your travels and we'll keep on checking up.
    Love Lots,
    Rick, Lynn, Ian, Gina