Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Base of White Bird to Cottonwood - 13 July 2009

Long day - 12 hours! First part of "ride" was up hill. Had to sit out a rain storm, but found a historical shelter (sat for 2 hours). Upon continuing the trek, stopped in Grangeville for an interview with a reporter for the local paper. Now, he could have stayed at the Dog Bark Park - a motel shaped like a large dog, but he would have had to lug his bike and gear upstairs to get to sleep inside the dog's head. So, he opted for a single story motel. Sure felt good to plop onto a soft bed, and get a shower. Goal tomorrow is to ride to Lewiston. At the county line, some folks from the Lewiston county line will join him for the last 20 miles into the ReStore.

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