Sunday, June 28, 2009

Irwin to Ririe

28 Jun - Okay, so the calculations for distance were a bit off - instead of 28 miles, Duff & Max went 36. They had to go through a heavy construction area, so while cars were parked, awaiting their turn to proceed on one lane, Duff walked the bike and Max along the shoulder to the front of the line. He talked with folks in line as he walked past them, and passed out a few of his cards. The construction workers were very generous with cold bottles of water to make up what Max and Duff had already used. Instead of the expected 5 hours of biking/walking, it took Duff 8 hours, but they made it to Ririe, and are camping out in a pretty RV campground. Duff's feet are sore, his leg is feeling better, and he is still tired, and hungry. Duff talked the RV campground manager into picking up a pizza, was too tired & sore to walk another 2 miles to retrieve food, and he didn't feel like eating dehydrated rations. They are now about 20 miles away from Idaho Falls, so Duff will start early to get to the hotel to shower before going to the ReStore and another interview.

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  1. Way to go, Duff and Max! We are waiting for you to bike to our new ReStore on July 8th. We have a nifty foot massage machine ready for you! Keep up the great work and enjoy your ride! Cheers, Canyon County Habitat for Humanity (Marcia)