Sunday, June 28, 2009

Henry to Alpine

26 June 09 - Still exhausted, but eager now to get to Alpine (a motel room awaited them), Duff & Max started out for another day of steep hills both ascending and descending. Max experienced new things, but then at 8 months old, most anything can be new, right? He met his first cows, and started barking. The barking only brought more cows to check out what the noise was. They saw marmots, and other little high desert creatures. Horses checked out the two of them going by and decided to run along the fence line with them for a while. Thankfully, after the Wayan grade, Duff was able to coast a bit to a place called Freedom, where he first was able to call me before losing the connection again. Storms were still approaching, and there wasn't much shelter, but fortunately,the storm stayed away from them. Duff was so exhausted by the time he pulled into Alpine at 8 p.m., that he said he was starting to feel a little goofy. He picked up a hamburger, ate and crashed. Max also loved the hamburger, and loved being able to sleep on a bed instead of the floor. The motel room allowed Duff to spread out all of their damp belongings to dry. Another 50 miles completed, and two blisters on the soles of feet earned.

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