Sunday, June 28, 2009

Alpine to Irwin, Idaho

27 June 09 - About four years ago, Duff thought about walking the state of Idaho, so now he can honestly say that he's biked and hiked Idaho. The good news is that today's ride is shorter, only 23 miles, and a rustic cabin awaits them. Too tired to get started from Alpine early, Duff & Max set out about noon. His feet ache, and he's still tired, but okay. Sleep and shower can do wonders. The road is another day of walking and riding, and with all the rain, the mosquitoes are out in force again. People have been very generous. On one of the hills (of walking), several people even stopped their cars to ask is he needed help, thinking that maybe his bike had malfunctioned. And, most drivers are pulling out to go around him, as the shoulders of the road are not very wide or in good quality. Max has been a real "trooper", playing with his toys, or sleeping, or just spread out in his trailer (probably wondering when is this going to end). This day was very hot, and Duff spritzed Max down with water, wetted a towel down for him to sleep on during the ride. Duff had brought along a small basting syringe to give Max water, because Max wouldn't drink out of a bowl. Today, he found out that he'll drink from the water bottles, like a hose, and of course, any dirty mud hole, or ditch. The "guys" arrived in Irwin about 5 p.m. Duff really had wanted to ride more in the morning when it was cooler, so tomorrow he'll start out about 8 a.m. Though he was looking forward to a cabin, the owner didn't want animals inside, so he gave Duff a discount, and allowed him to pitch a tent on a grassy area behind one of the cabins, and still have access to a shower and latrine. Duff's feet are still sore, he's exhausted, and has strained his right calf muscle. Thankfully, tomorrow's right is also in the 28 mile range.

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