Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to get ready without a bike

Linda left for her road trip to Canada (a family history convention) on Friday, and I had her take the bike to our daughter Jennifer's in Coeur d'Alene, ID.  We have the bike rack on only one car, and I wanted Linda to have that car.  So, I'm left to get ready without my bike until this coming weekend.  As it works out, I would not have had time to do any long rides, and at this point, one or two training rides will not make that much difference.

I've been organizing my gear, and getting everything as ready as I can.  Once I leave here, I need to have everything set.  That includes allocating food for each leg; portioning out Max's food in baggies; etc.  I'm going to leave drop bags of resupply stuff at four affiliates along the way so I won't have to carry additional weight the length of Idaho.  The Idaho affiliates are being spectacularly supportive, and I really appreciate their help and creativity.  As I do the ride and report in my blog, I think you'll appreciate how each affiliate has planned to make the most of my ride in drawing attention to their local efforts.  I'm impressed by what I've heard so far.

Before I leave to meet Linda in ID, I'm going to devote one posting in this blog to let people know how to donate money and/or time to a local affiliate, especially the ones in Idaho.  Several people have already asked how to do that, so I'll let you all know.  That will probably happen on Thursday or Friday.  So far, I know that three donors have helped, and I'm hoping there are many more.  Remember, a donation of your time is really valuable, too.

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