Thursday, May 14, 2009

More training notes

The weather and my schedule have not been favorable for riding a lot, and I'm definitely a fair-weather rider until I'm actually started on my Idaho ride. Since the last posting, I've ridden a bit to get more comfortable with my recumbent, and found out from the cycle shop that I'm "over controlling" the steering and that is why I feel "shaky" while riding. I'll correct that on the next ride. I've also learned that when I make a sharp turn, I need to get my feet in the proper position, or my outside foot rubs on the turning front wheel. I understand that is the "heel over" position that I'm seeking. Now I understand. With better weather in the forecast, I'll plan to do a 22 mile ride on Saturday to and from a Habitat meeting.

My business cards supporting the ride are back from the printer and look really good. The front is an ad for the ride, and the back describes how a supporter can help Habitat, wherever they are. I'll share that info in a later posting.

I hooked up the pet trailer--the Burley Tail Wagon--to my old mountain bike, loaded Max with his blanket for security, and took him on his first trailer ride around the neighborhood. He seemed to do fine on this first ride and I'll take him on longer rides each week. I was favorably impressed with how the trailer pulls, and it did not seem to pull "heavy." I'm sure I'll feel it most of all on the uphills, but it should be fine on the flats and downhill. So far I'm pleased with it.

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