Friday, May 29, 2009

Another training ride with Max

I intentionally waited to ride today until about 2 PM, so that we'd have the most heat. I think it got into the low 80's, which is pretty warm for here, but that will be "normal" for most of the ride in ID. I'm trying to get Max acclimated to the heat as he rides along in the trailer. Since he was born in the winter, this is his first experience with heat, and it does seem to bother him.

We rode an 11-mile route on the Skagit Flats, and had the heat and the wind. No hills today, but the wind was a bother again. I intended to do more, but my rear wheel/gears arrangement is still slipping when I'm in 5th, 6th, or 7th gear. It's aggravating. I'm taking my bike to the REI in Bellingham on Sunday afternoon for a maintenance class, so maybe I'll find out what needs to be adjusted. I suspect it goes back to when I had the rear tire off to fix the flat last week.

I also arranged to get my Duff Bikes T-shirts produced, so that is one more detail done. I've been hearing from points of contact with the Idaho Habitat affiliates, so I know the pieces are coming together. I'm sure I've said this already, but I know that this will be a significant physical and mental challenge, but it will be greatly rewarding. I'm eager to get started.

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